Paul Allen

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Mohamed Anber

Assistant Professor of Physics

Sepideh Bajracharya

Assistant Professor of Anthropology


Political culture of violence, communal politics, memory, narrative, urban ethnography, anthropology of space, South Asia.



Academic Credentials

Ph.D. 2008 Harvard University, B.A. 1999, Phi Beta Kappa, Wesleyan University

Clifford Bekar

Associate Professor of Economics

Elizabeth Bennett

Assistant Professor of International Affairs and Program Director of Political Economy

Anne Bentley

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Greta Binford

Associate Professor of Biology
Read more about Greta on the Lewis & Clark website.

Yung-Pin Chen

Professor of Statistics and Chair of Mathematical Sciences

Peter Drake

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Joel Fisher

Assistant Professor Of Art
Joel received a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of New Hampshire in 1997 and a Master in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. From 2006-2007 he worked and studied as Meisterschule at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig, Germany on a Fulbright Fellowship. His photographs have shown both nationally and internationally in both group and solo exhibitions and has been published in various journals, magazines, and a monograph entitled Landmark. Work from an ongoing individual project entitled Agapage recently was exhibited at the Art Gym in Portland, Oregon and Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco, California in 2015. In 2015-2016 Joel participated in the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workspace program.

J.M. Fritzman

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Ben Gaskins

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Ben Gaskins is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lewis & Clark College. He teaches both American and Comparative Politics, including classes on religion and politics, mass media, public opinion, group politics, and political institutions. His research focuses mainly on the effect of religious commitment on opinion formation, media usage, voting behavior, and democratic citizenship. His work also looks at how citizens learn about politics and how they make political choices. His research has been published in The American Journal of Political Science, The Journal of Politics, American Politics Research, Politics & Religion, and The International Journal of Press/Politics.

Daena Goldsmith

Professor of Rhetoric & Media Studies

Greg Hermann

Professor of Biology

Andrea Hibbard

Assistant Professor with Term of English

Matt Johnston

Associate Professor of Art History
Matt Johnston studies modern visual culture, in particular the nineteenth century and popular media such as photography and print. A focus in his work is exploring how print publications used landscape images to motivate the expansion and development of the United States. His book on this subject, Surveying the Nation in Time: Landscape and Narrative in Nineteenth-Century Print Culture, will be published in 2016.

Casey Jones

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Jessica Kleiss

Assistant Professor
Jessica is an assistant professor of Environmental Studies at Lewis & Clark College.  She did her dissertation work examining the energetics and kinematics of breaking waves in the deep ocean at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography with Ken Melville. She is now using similar image processing techniques to explore the identification and motion of clouds in the sky

Louis Kuo

Professor of Chemistry

Diana Leonard

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Rebecca Lingafelter

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Todd Lochner

Associate Professor

Jens Mache

Professor of Computer Science

Joel Martinez

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Margaret Metz

Assistant Professor of Biology
Dr. Metz is a plant community ecologist whose research explores the relative importance of biotic interactions, disturbance, and the abiotic environment in driving forest dynamics and diversity. She has ongoing research programs in both temperate and tropical forests.

Erik Nilsen

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dawn Odell

Associate Professor of Art History
Dawn Odell’s research focuses on the exchange of material goods and artistic practices between Asia and Europe in the early modern period, with a particular emphasis on the Dutch engagement with China. She has published articles on the seventeenth-century Dutch travel book author Johan Nieuhof, Chinese export porcelain, Dutch and Chinese ethnographies, and early Sinology in Europe.

Jolina Ruckert

Visiting Assistant Professor

Liz Safran

Associate Professor of Geological Science and Director of Environmental Studies
Liz Safran’s bio.

Bryan Sebok

Associate Professor, Department Chair of Rhetoric and Media Studies

  • Bryan Sebok is an Associate Professor and Department Chair of Rhetoric and Media Studies.  His research interests include innovation in the film and media industries, narrative film, documentary film production, and industrial shifts.  He has recently completed his feature documentary, FOOD TRUCK: THE MOVIE, which premiered at the Madrid International Film Festival, winning Best Feature Documentary.

Ellen Seljan

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Stepan Simek

Professor of Theatre

Allison Simler

UC Davis Department of Plant Pathology

Iva Stavrov

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Lochner, Todd

Associate Professor of Political Science

Sharon Torigoe

Assistant Professor of Biology

Stephen Tufte

Associate Professor of Physics and Department Chair

Norma Velazquez Ulloa

Assistant Professor of Biology

Freddy Vilches

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Sarah Warren

Assistant Professor of Sociology
I am a sociologist whose research explores the relationship between citizens and the state, as experienced and practiced through processes of racial formation and nation-building projects. I investigate how racial and national identities are negotiated through the politics that bind citizens and the state and how racially marginalized groups – specifically indigenous people – engage in their own processes of nation-building. To analyze these questions, I have conductedresearch in Chile and Argentina since 2003. I have an MA in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Todd Watson

Associate Professor of Psychology

Elliott Young

Professor of History and Director of Ethnic Studies

Elliott Young is Professor in the History Department at Lewis and Clark College, where he teaches Latin American and Borderlands history. He is currently director of the Ethnic Studies program, and has directed Latin American Studies and served as chair of the History department. In 2003, he co-founded the Tepoztlán Institute for Transnational History of the Americas, which brings together scholars from throughout North and Latin America for an intensive weeklong workshop on transnational history in a small town outside of Mexico City.


Professor Young published three books on borderlands, migration and transnational history, Alien Nation: Chinese Migration in the Americas from the Coolie Era through WWII (UNC Press, 2014) Catarino Garza’s Revolution on the Texas-Mexico Border (Duke University Press, 2004), and Continental Crossroads (Duke University Press, 2004), a volume of essays by new scholars in the field.  The award-winning, Catarino Garza’s Revolution on the Texas-Mexico Border was published in Mexico in Spanish in 2010. He has published widely on borderlands and transnational history in academic journals, including Past & Present, theWestern Historical Quarterly, Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, Cuban Studies and the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.  His columns have appeared in the Huffington Post, Utne Reader, Oregonian, Portland Tribune, Oregon Humanities, and the History News Network.

Yueping Zhang

Associate Professor of Psychology

Pamela Zobel-Thropp

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology


Hayley Abourezk-Pinkstone

'17, Economics/Mathematics

Riley Arnold

'19 Psychology

Keenan Ashby

'20 Psychology/Biology

Kendra Autumn

'17, Biology (Willamette University)

Benjamin Bardman

'19 Political Science

Eli Barnes

'16, Mathematics

Mack Beveridge

'16, Mathematics

Emma Biddulph

'17, History

Sasha Bishop

'15, Biology

Delaney Bloomquist

'18 Theatre

Cristian Cortes

'20 Psychology

Cassidy Curra

'19, English / International Affairs

Miguel D Guerrero

'17 Philosophy

Walker Davis

'15 Political Science

William DeLee


Hera Dewan

'19 Psychology

Lily Dragon

'17 Philosophy

Bruce Duffett

'17, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Zane Dundon

'18 Political Science

Tori Eichten

'19 BCMB

Angie Epifano

Art History major, Senior

Laurel Garrett

'16 Environmental Studies / Math minor
Laurel is a Lewis & Clark College student majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Math. Originally from Tacoma, Washington, she spends most of her time in Portland, Oregon taking classes and working.

Demi Glidden

'16, Biology

Nicole Godbout

'20, International Affairs / Environmental Studies

Robin Gropp

'16, Biology & Pre-Engineering

Haley Halperin Perry

'17, Biology

Simran Handa

'19 BCMB

Bridgette Hickey


Sophia Horigan

'16, Biology

Lacey Jacoby

'17 Biology, Sociology/Anthropology

Hongyi Jiang

'19, Studio Art Major

Makayla Keydell


Natalie Klee

'21, Biology

Madison Kleiner

'18, Psychology

Sofia Koutzoukis

'16, Biology

Katie Kowal

'17 Physics/Political Science

Jennifer Lakeman

'16, Biology

Madison Lambert

'17, Biology

Rosemary Lambert

'17, Theatre

Maya Litauer-Chan

'19, History Major / Ethnic Studies Minor

Helena Loftus

'20, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

David Lovitz

'17 Computer Science
David is a student at Lewis & Clark College majoring in Computer Science.  He began his studies at the University of Puget Sound before transferring to LC. He enjoys running, reading, and solving puzzles.

Eve Lowenstein

'16, BCMB

Junnan Lyu

'17, Studio Art Major

Emma Moorhead

'19 Philosophy

Melanie Morris

'15, Biology

Zach Mouton

'15, Psychology

Max Nikol

'17, Philosophy

Ryan Nilsen

'19 Psychology

Mikayla Parsons

'18, Psychology

Grace Petrie

'18, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Owen Phillips

'16, Chemistry

Casey Pickard

'19 Psychology

Caitlin Poer Morris

'16 Biology

Ian Price

Art History major, Senior

Fiona Rambo

'19 Biology

Alice Reichert

Sociology and Anthropology major, Junior

Chloe Safar

'21, International Affairs / Spanish

Ella Santana-Propper

'17, Biology

Will Sarvis

'19, History

Faviana Schectman

'17, Hispanic Studies

Karen Schwartzwald

'18 Mathematics and Physics

Lex Shapiro

'17 Environmental Studies / Latin American Studies

Ariel Shaw

'19, Biology

Brian Shirley

'16, Psychology

Sara Stout

'18 Mathematics

Raphael Swift

'18 Political Science

Carlos Sánchez

'18, Hispanic Studies

Jackson Thein

'18 BCMB

Alvaro Torres

'18, Hispanic Studies / Latin American Studies

Laura Voss

'17 BCMB

Katherine Wackett

'17 History/Hispanic Studies Major, Latin American Studies Minor

Ina Waring-Enriquez

'17, Biology

Asia Wooten

'20, BCMB

Mason Wordell

'15, Biology

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