A Mantra for Hegel? Kaśmiri Śaivism and Hegel on Language.

Are there rational grounds for preferring the philosophy of language of Hegel or Kashmiri Shaivism?

Project Abstract

Kashmiri Shaivists maintain that Shiva is incomprehensible.  A mantra’s phonemes, sounds without meaning, allow persons to recognize their identify with him.  The Absolute (God) is comprehensible, Hegel claims, and we think with names.  He would reject Shaivism’s recommendation that people concentrate on phonemes.  Nevertheless, there is an intersection: phonemes are sounds without meaning; so are Hegel’s names, when stripped of meaning and before receiving thought’s content.  Having arrived at this intersection, is there something that compels continuing toward either Shaivism or Hegel?  The larger question: Is ultimate truth—be it called Shiva, the Absolute, or the Unified Field Theory—comprehensible?

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