Understanding Laser Noise in an Atomic Vapor for Magnetometry

How can we use laser noise derived from atomic coherence to determine an unknown magnetic field?

Project Abstract

Advancements in magnetometry have profound impacts on many scientific fields and medical applications. This experimental optics project seeks to develop a new magnetometer using an interaction between light and matter that is highly sensitive to magnetic fields, laser noise derived from quantum interference in an atomic vapor. We use a quantum interference process called Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT), which causes an otherwise opaque material to become transparent over a narrow color range. Because of its sensitivity to magnetic field, laser noise from EIT is an ideal mechanism on which to base a new class of compact and simple atomic magnetometers.

More about this project

Alaina Green, '14 & Aojie Zheng, '15

Alaina Green, ’14 & Aojie Zheng, ’15

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