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Chinatown Staging

  • Chinatown Staging

Does photographic representation in New York’s Chinatowns continue to perpetuate visual stereotypes of contemporary Chinese cultural?

Project Abstract

Our research-based archive project aims to investigate representations, icons, and visual symbols of

Chinese culture in New York City’s Chinatown(s). Conducting research in New York City libraries,

museums, and historical societies our project will begin with the collection of visual material from

the mid-1880s up to present day Chinatown. The project aim will seek to better understand how

pictures, ephemera, and other iconography of Chinese culture has been utilized to shape opinion,

and subsequently generate stereotypes and generalization of Chinese culture within U.S. society. Our

final body of work will consist of an archive of found and appropriated materials and our own

photographic and audio recorded works generated in and around the densely populated Chinatown

neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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