Race, Nation and National Identity in Contemporary Chile

How are Mapuche indigenous people in Chile engaging with and being depicted in popular culture?

Project Abstract

This research project investigates the impact of official and popular cultural texts in the conceptions of Nation and national identity in 21st century Chile. More specifically, our project will examine how the Chilean Nation and national identity are being narrated, performed, and materialized through state sanctioned and popular culture representations. We will pay particular attention to the way that Mapuche people are both engaging in popular culture and being depicted in popular culture. We will study cultural texts, ranging from literature and art to music and film, in order to explore the problematic and at times contradictory relation between popular culture and the construction of a ‘national’ identity. In our analysis we will use an interdisciplinary lens that combines sociology, literary theory, cultural studies, ethnomusicology, among other disciplines, in the study of these cultural productions.

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