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RHMS 320 Health Narratives | RHMS 320 Health Narratives – L&C Collaborative Research

RHMS 320 Health Narratives

  • RHMS 320 Health Narratives

How do the stories we tell about health and illness shape identities, relationships, health care, and public policy?

Project Abstract

Rhetoric & Media Studies 320 Health Narratives is an advanced elective course that examines stories about health and illness. For example: How do we use narratives to (re)construct identities altered by illness? How can narratives (re)shape interactions between patients and health care providers? What narratives capture public attention and with what implications for health care decision-making and policy? Students in the course produce original scholarly research projects that are refined through class conversation and peer review and support.

More about this project

This collaborative research process is documented at a course website that includes the following:

  • A syllabus and weekly assigned readings that helped students identify their own question within broader scholarly conversations about health narratives
  • A series of project assignments that broke the research process down into smaller parts, completed over the course of the semester and shared with peers
  • Links to a project site for each student, documenting the development of the project
  • Links to additional resources on this topic

Above image: In Absentia, 2012, Brigitte Dortmund (image used with permission of artist)

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