The “Natural” Wine Movement in France and Allied Regions

  • Sous les pavés, la vigne!

What can the “natural” wine movement teach us about national identity, contemporary food culture, and globalization?

Project Abstract

Focusing on France and the Pacific Northwest, this proposal investigates the “natural” wine movement, an alternative to mass‐market viticulture that emphasizes the expression of terroir, the taste of place. This interdisciplinary project uses approaches from anthropology, science studies, food studies, and literary criticism, deploying ethnographic methods along with discourse/content analysis to explore patterns of production, marketing, and consumption among proponents of ecologically conscious vins de terroir. Contrasting perspectives across a spectrum from scientific consultants to activist‐chefs and wine bloggers, we examine how the “natural” wine movement intersects with other discourses about place and identity in an increasingly globalized world.

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