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Alien Detention Across the Americas

In the United States, federal detention of immigrants began in the early 1880s to enforce the government’s first national immigration laws against Chinese laborers and people with contagious diseases and mental illnesses. Today, almost half a million aliens are detained each year in the United States, making up the fastest growing part of the prison population.

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Migrant Detention: From McNeil Island to Mexico

In the 1880s, just after Chinese Exclusion, scores of Chinese were held at McNeil Island Prison until US courts ruled that they could be deported back to China in the early 1890s. This was the beginning of the creation of a mass incarceration system for aliens which today holds upwards of 340,000 migrants in jail in the United States.

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The War Beyond the West: Rethinking the Great War in Austria-Hungary and the Balkans

First, how does consideration of Austria-Hungary and the Balkans change our understandings of World War I? These geographic areas have long been overshadowed in a field of scholarship dominated by work on the Western front (Britain, France Germany). Second, how did the home front populations in these areas react and respond to the extraordinary strains of everyday life during Europe’s first “total war”?

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