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Our Ruined House: a process of artistic telephone

This summer Associate Professor Rebecca Lingafelter and her fellow company members of the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble (PETE) conclude a three-year long process of artistic telephone between scripted and devised material in the world premiere of Our Ruined House by Robert Camp. The piece presents a series of overlapping narratives examining the geopolitical through the lens of the interpersonal. In a fusion of cold-war era Russian spy thriller and kitchen-sink drama, the notion of truth is put into question as a constructed paradox spearheading our desire to ‘win’ in both arenas of romantic and geopolitical relationships. This research project will investigate the creative process behind Our Ruined House as a foreground to examine the manifestation of a successful relationship between devised and the playwright scripted material. Can the artistic collaborators behind the production capture the fierce theatricality that results from a devised process inside of a scripted play, while simultaneously benefiting from the form and structure that a scripted text offers?

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